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I have enjoyed the use of Recapture Life's Phlojel Ultra for enhanced effectiveness of transdermal medication delivery. Consistency in appropriate dosage reaching my bloodstream is important. My experience with the customer sales and service department at Recapture Life is pro-action and responsiveness.  I've even had them pick up inconsistencies in my ordering that saved unnecessary expense and time between my health and their products. Recapture Life products are designed to capitalize on understanding what the body really needs and how it is really metabolized, with the growth and evolution of what I call "American metabolic syndrome" (obesity and chronic disease) tells us clearly we are not getting these days from our post-industrial era eating habits. I'm 57 years old diagnosed with three herniated lower back discs 10 years ago and a surgery that failed to mend the nerve roots. So I learned how to eat and move to stay active and re-engineer (weight, muscle tone, activity type and nutrition) my body around my injury as nature intended, and I am healing. I'm currently playing hockey. It's what I put effectively into my body that helped me recapture my life. 
J. Rowland from Massachusetts
Awesome Products.  Thank you.
Karen from New York
You have been, without a doubt, the best vendor I have ever dealt with.
Khaled from Egypt
Your speed of shipment was more than I expected.  I placed my order on Tuesday and had it at my house on Thursday.
Joseph from Florida
Travis, the Phlojel Ultra worked out great.
Isaac from Kentucky
I can't wait to see what Recapture Life products you are offering next.  Everything has been great so far.
Jamie from Missouri
Thanks for the Phlojel product.  It has worked like a miracle for my team.
Phil from United Kingdom
So glad you offer the PayPal Credit so I can get everything I need and be able to pay for it over 6 months.  Thanks again for everything your company does.
Brenda from California
Recapture Life Incorporated has been superb.  Their customer service is great.  The guys there respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help.
Jon from Michigan
The biggest difference is that these guys really care.  Their coaching gave me everything I needed.
Bob from Ohio
I have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness.  I wold go so far as to say that you have set a benchmark in customer support that other companies could learn a lot from.
Donivan from Ontario
Travis, your knowledge of your product is beyond usual.  Thank you.
Joshua from New Jersey
Phlojel Ultra is a game changer.
Adam from Boston