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Customer Reviews

  • 1) You have been, without a doubt, the best vendor I have ever dealt with. Khaled from Egypt
  • 2) Travis, the Phlojel Ultra worked out great. Isaac from Kentucky
  • 3) AWESOME products. Thank you!!!. Karen from New York
  • 4) Your speed of shipment was more than I expected. I placed my order on Tuesday and had it at my house on Thursday. Joseph from Florida

Phlojel Ultra

Phlojel® Ultra is a lecithin organogel that has been formulated to have cosmetic properties, being non-greasy and having improved skin penetration of incorporated active ingredients. After application to the skin, it rapidly disappears leaving no residue. It has been widely accepted as a superior vehicle for delivering drugs across the skin barrier where relatively high local concentrations of drug are obtained from small applied doses, It also allows drug to perfuse the skin reaching the general circulation when desired, making the topical route an important alternative to the oral route which often is intolerant to the drug.

    •    Ease of compounding
    •    Non-greasy and no residue after application
    •    Compatible with a wide range of drugs and concentrations
    •    Clinically-proven to deliver drug to local and systemic sites
    •    Possesses skin moisturizing abilities

Phlojel Ultra Performance

image-1.jpgPholjel® Ultra  compounded with drugs rapidly penetrate the skin leaving no residue (except possibly when the drug content is high) or greasy feeling. After a few applications, and sometimes within a few minutes, the effects of the drug are felt by the patient.  When high local tissue concentrations of drug are required, low blood levels are obtained. A  human clinical study (10 healthy volunteers) demonstrated equal to  superior transdermal delivery of diclofenac with Phlojel® Ultra  when  compared to a conventional Pluronic lecithin organogel (PLO).
***Note that after 2% diclofenac sodium administration, plasma levels  ranged from 5-15 ng/ml only and were  approximately constant over an 8-h period. When low blood levels of hormones are required, the blood is gradually infused lecithin depots located beneath the epidermis provided by the Phlojel® Ultra composition.


  • Phlojel Ultra 100/500

    Phlojel Ultra 100/500


    Phlojel Ultra is a lecithin organogel used for compounding drugs and other ingredients for transdermal or topical application.